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Post by Admin on Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:42 pm

Please link to government documents in replies to this post:

Operation "No Turning Back"
Evidence of traitorous intent to use US Special Forces against the citizenry

Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland
Evidence of plans to forcefully disarm Americans by 2016

Stability Police Force
Evidence regarding the police state and federalization of local police that's going on now

Army Manual - Civil Disturbances
U.S. Army manual update on how to control crowds on American soil

H.R. 5344
Prevents citizens from purchasing certain grades of body armor to protect themselves

Civilian Inmate Labor Program
Allows the government to use you in labor camps after a collapse

Emergency Centers Establishment Act
Concentration Camps in the Good Ol' U.S.A.

Obama's EO Allows Martial Law in USA With or Without Emergency

Destroys internet privacy and anonymity for users

Government's ability to control currencies

Restricts the 1st Amendment right of free speech on sites like this and others

Asserts that Fair Use isn't "fair" and that anything that was ever copyrighted cannot be used without express authorization from the copyright holder

Agenda 21
UN document explains the end-game of the globalists (including vast majority population reduction)

Allows the government to arrest you, detain you and even kill you without constitutional protections

Internment and Resettlement Operations
Outlines intent to gather up Americans and store them in "FEMA camps" or "Detainment Facilities"

DoD Directive
Obama's documented plan to use the military against US citizens

Rex84 Garden Plot
Suspends the Constitution and Bill of Rights, placing FEMA in charge of local governments and placing millions of Americans in prison camps eerily similar to those of the Nazis

Pentagon Drone Directive
Directive authorizes the Secretary of Defense to use drones against Americans on American soil

US Program for General and Complete Disarmament
Outlines US and UN agendas to confiscate firearms from Americans

CBS reports "Operation Fast & Furious"
A false-flag overseen by the ATF designed to blame 2nd Amendment

Operation Northwoods
Joint Chiefs of Staff authorized attacks on Americans to justify invasion of Cuba in 1962

Government plan to cull population growth

From the Office of Intelligence and Analysis Assessment 4/7/09
Prepares Feds and law enforcement agencies to deal with "rightwing extremists".

45 Communist Goals - Read into House of Reps in Jan of 1963
How many of the 45 goals would you say they've accomplished in the USA?


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