Don't Drink the Water?

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Don't Drink the Water? Empty Don't Drink the Water?

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:07 pm

Does your county fluoridate your drinking water? Visit the the link to CDC's website to find out. ** SPOILER ALERT**  If you live in Tarrant County the answer is YES.

Water System Name: FORT WORTH   Water System ID: TX-2200012
Is this Water System Fluoridated? Yes, the water is fluoridated. Fluoride Concentration: 0.70 mg/L - This water system adjusts the fluoride level to the recommended level for the prevention of cavities (tooth decay).

The CDC recommends that drinking water have beneficial Fluoride for good oral health.  Watch and decide for yourself.

If you were not aware of the deception and dangers of fluoride, please get a water filter as soon as you can.  I recommend getting a gravity-fed filter like the Big Berkey or the ProPur.


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