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Post by Admin on Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:02 pm

We are happy that you've chosen to investigate our site.  We'd guess that you're fairly angry at us because of the truths that we've exposed to your congregation, but we cannot make apologies for telling the truth.  The purpose of this message is to make it abundantly clear to you that we have NO intention of harming your church organization.  Instead, we fully desire to restore it to its intended Purpose, Position and Power.  Let's talk about each of these characteristics:

The PURPOSE of the Church is to tell the Truth, which includes (but is not limited to) lifting up Jesus before men.  Most of us do not deny that you have lifted up Jesus before men and that you continue to do so on most weekends as well as during Bible study sessions held during the week.  However, there are many truths that you have decided to not present to your congregation, and that is why we are gathered here today.

The POSITION of the Church of Jesus Christ, as established by our Lord, himself, and further documented by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America (not the corporation, but the country), specifically outlined in the first sentence of the first amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" and then goes on to speak of freedom of speech, assembly, redressing of grievances, and freedom of the press.  However, we'd like you to focus on that first statement of the first amendment of the Bill of Rights, so I'll repeat it in this manner: "Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the FREE exercise thereof".  This means that the state has no right to guide your messages, to prohibit you from speaking on certain subjects or to enforce ANY tax jurisdiction upon your organization.

However, you've failed to educate yourself and the seminaries have failed to educate their students in the knowledge that religious organizations are automatically exempt from taxation.  Instead, you had professors and mentors that taught you how to set up and organize your 501-c3 and led you to believe that it was a necessary component of operating such an establishment.  This has been the downfall of the modern-day Christian church in America.  The government has tricked you into believing you need a 501-c3 tax exempt status when, in fact, your church was already exempt.  Therefore, the government has taken over the finances of your church and can thereby dictate what it is that you can preach, speak about, speak against, and with recent laws that were illegally passed by the "supreme court", they've got you hamstrung, or so it seems, to require you to go against every principle in your being or else get sued or worse.  It sounds pretty bad, but here comes the good news:

The POWER of the Church cannot be defeated.  Assuming you've read the Book cover to cover, you know how the game plays out to a certain extent and who is the ultimate victor.  We encourage you to side-step this incredibly corrupt and evil government and take back the position that our Father called you to and warn your congregation of the corruption and wickedness that government generates and has fulfilled so that we can have the kind of revival that we've been promised in these last days.  It's up to you, Pastor.  We vote that we prepare to win as many souls to the Lord as possible while there's still time to do it and while the signs of the enemy are becoming obvious to most.

Should you need specific suggestions on any of the content within this message, look me up on the chat.  Our members remain anonymous on this site for what we consider to be obvious reasons.




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