Where Do You Get Off?

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Where Do You Get Off? Empty Where Do You Get Off?

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:51 pm

Through the Holy Spirit, and as we construct this oasis for the saints, I'm confident that there are clergy and parishioners alike that have shown up here based on the curiosity of the calling that we have put out, then learned that we are in considerable disagreement of what is being taught in our churches.  I'm convinced that many will be offended by the content on this site and we make no apology for it as all of the content on this site was given to us by the Holy Ghost.

For you whom are clergy, we encourage you to review the materials contained herein, REPENT to our Lord for not being the Man of God that you were called to be, and to change your church into a place where your members can gain the knowledge that they need to defend themselves from the myriad of evils present in our current age.

For you whom are church attendees, we lovingly encourage you to review the materials contained herein, PRESS YOUR PASTOR into changing the church you attend into a place where the sheep know that they're being protected by their shepherd.  It isn't enough for a shepherd to feed the sheep.  It's also the job of the good shepherd to defend his flock.  We need to see that in every single service from today forward.

Where do we get off?  I'll tell you.  We don't claim to be "holier than thou" and we're not in some spiritual contest with your pastor.  If you're here with us and you get fed spiritually, we've served our purpose.  If you've found natural or supernatural healing for a medical condition while you're here, we praise God with you.  We'll pray with you and for you and rejoice with you in all things.  That's why we're here.  We also hope to edify you (build you up and encourage you) and to celebrate with you in your spiritual victories.

We have no interest in removing you from your church.  To the contrary, we want you to affect change in your church; to stay and make it stronger in Christ and in the Kingdom of Heaven.  We don't want your money and we don't even have a method of receiving it.  This ain't about money, friend.  It's about saving lives and saving souls and bringing these church leaders to repentance before they face their judgment and find that their hands are bloody with the saints.  Feel free to reply to this article - either positively or negatively - but PLEASE be careful to not mock the Holy Spirit, which this post and the entire site was built through.

Love and blessings in Christ, our Lord,



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